Food is an essential part of life and we can not do away with it. We are living in a generation where we get everything processed, packed, and delivered to our doorstep just by clicking on a website or app. Not all that we buy online are going to be helpful for us. Sometimes we need to identify apps and websites that are genuinely trying to get healthy and preservative-free food diet to your platter.

Most of us who live in a busy world will not ‘waste’ time selecting food but we consume something available immediately. There is no ruling out the fact that we somewhere find it a bad choice to opt for the wrong food items. There are food businesses that may not be fully active on social media but are selling the best food to a known client base.

The most important takeaway from your learnings about food is you will not feed them again to your body if you have found it harmful. We, the team at Malnad Store® have been consistently working with industry partners, learning and curating healthy and natural food products. We felt happy to have found the best vendors who are equally committed to providing quality products to our clients.

There are several products from Malnad curated for your happy shopping experience. We have been curating them based only on the merits and not on any commercials. We are a company established purely with customer feedback and a research-based approach. You can now shop all Malnad products sitting at your home anywhere in India.

Currently, we are delivering products pan India. You can order online from the comfort of your home or office and receive it at the location you prefer.