The festive season in India is like a food safari for all of us. We will get to see a lot of new dishes at home and in the market during festive seasons. Malnad cuisines add a lot more flavors with tasty dishes prepared exclusively during the eve of certain festivals. If you have lived in Malnad region then you might have come across the dishes prepared exclusively during Gowri & Ganesha festival time. Since the Ganesha Chathurthi is like a fortnight celebration you can try a long list of dishes in this region.

The tastes of Malnad cuisine may vary within the region as you travel between different districts and taluks. However, most of the places will retain the same name for the dish and may add more flavor to it. The dishes made at your homes in Malnad are always known for their high nutrition and health benefits. Your own research on different cuisines might have proven to you the qualities carried by every dish in Malnad region.

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