Health is wealth, as the old and famous saying goes, we must accumulate a lot of healthy habits. Our health is directly related to how our lifestyle and food habits are positioned in our routine. Everyone deserved a quality lifestyle, human beings are capable of altering their lifestyles based on work schedules and other commitments. Some of us may not even think of eating on time or drinking sufficient water in a day. We blame it on ‘work’ and other commitments, but your body and your mind work differently. Your body needs the care that it deserved to work seamlessly with a clear mind.

Changing an existing lifestyle or routine may not happen overnight. We need to put effort to remove those bad habits we have or bring in some new good habits. It might take some time but it’s not impossible. After all, we are flexible creatures and can pick up new good habits if we are mentally strong to accept such changes.

Exercise, for example, many of us would have joined the gym ambitiously but never dedicate the time it demands. We escape it with answers that are unacceptable. But we all want to stay fit, look good, and think well with a lot of productivity. Your body is the most precious place you must think of sanctity. You must apply all rules to keep it at the optimum level of performance.

Well, having said all those philosophies about well-being. Are we eating healthy food at least? No, if you ask me how most of the professionals are eating, you will see no nutrition going into their stomachs. They just think that drinking aerated drinks means they are consuming a good quantity of liquid in their diet. Trust me, I see a lot of young professionals eat less, drink less, get dehydrated, and then complain about it on the job they are doing. Eating and drinking right is like a fundamental right.

You must know what food ingredients are good for you and which ones are damaging. Home-cooked food from tasty ingredients of Malnad made organically and good for your health is now easily available from You can now buy them online, cook at your home, and carry your own home-cooked food to your lunch at the office. Do not eat daily outside, assuming that you are saving a lot of time. It may not be the right way to live in the long run. You will start seeing different types of illnesses that are rooted from wrong food habits.