A lot of fitness enthusiasts think that food is the reason for best health. We would the same, but how about opting for good food ingredients? What is the difference? Yes, there is a lot of difference between choosing the right food and choosing the right food ingredient. We call it ‘food care’ which is very much required to avoid spending on ‘health care’. How often do you spend enough time organizing what goes in your cooking on a daily basis.

What is the fuss about shopping grocery? Yes, there are a lot of elements that can make or break your health in the long term usage. Many stores near your home or office do sell a lot of grocery products from popular brands. You would just walk in, choose the products, bill them, and carry them back home.

Have you ever thought about understanding the facts about the food ingredients that we use at home? We use rice to floor in polished clean colors. A lot of us do not like to eat red rice or red rice roti at home. Is that because big companies have shown you the best ads to attract and over a period of time you convinced yourself that those are the best brands. Eating healthy food means you must opt for healthy food ingredients. That’s the basic rule for going organic way for living a healthy lifestyle.

Malnad.Store is curating the best of best products with high health benefits. We have collaborated with several like-minded entrepreneurs from Malnad and Coastal Karnataka to bring the best food products to your doorstep. We give complete importance to the naturality of the product and not to the profitability quotient. This mindset of the team members of Malnad.Store has gained love from our patrons



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