The Malnad region in Karnataka is a well-known destination for tasty cuisines. People of Malnad are known for ages for their skill in creating new food menus. If you have been to Malnad or your friends and family are from the Malnad region then you must have already tasted this cuisine. Your taste buds will be treated with the new styles of preparations in Malnad.

The food prepared in the Malnad region is always made from organic food ingredients. The tastes of organic ingredients will be always great and healthy. The region is popular for several food industries that have emerged over the years. There are a few of them who are popular for their high-quality products. You can shop all products from the Malnad region at one place on Malnad.Store.

Mango pickle Jar in Malnad

Food prepared at Malnad households is popular even at some of the top restaurants in cities. We at Malnad.Store has tried to curate top vendors and products from the Malnad region. You can shop from a wide list of products that are originally manufactured in Malnad with authentic tastes.

Malnad gidda ghee

As mentioned earlier, Malnad region has been a hub for tasty food products manufacturing. We have recently added wild honey, malnad gidda ghee, and even red rice from malnad for you to buy online. All our Malnad products go through stringent quality control and testing before it reaches your hand.

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