Entrepreneurship is a journey we all love to tread and succeed. It looks very nice when we look at entrepreneurs treading that path. We at Malnad Store have been working with some of the great entrepreneurs who have some fantastic products. We have brought to you products from the top businesses in the Malnad region with impeccable attention to detail for the products. We have been very lucky to have exclusive products list from our top vendors who have been passionately working with us from the time of inception.

Why is it so important to choose genuine sellers for a given product?

It is not just the price, but you have to be very cautious about the quality of products you are buying. Especially if you are buying products that you consume directly, then you must not compromise on any lines. There are thousands of sellers in Malnad but Malnad.Store has shortlisted and taken on board only a handful of most genuine sellers.

How to save big on buying wholesale products from Malnad?

While you are planning to make a wholesale purchase you can contact our team before placing an order. You can get a free quote from top vendors with the best deals only available on our portal. We help you source the products with multiple order guarantees and a definite discount deal for your future wholesale purchases.

How are the products delivered?

Malnad.Store works with top logistics and shipping companies to help you get all your wholesale purchases safely to your door. There are different shipping options for you to choose from and decide as per your location. We deliver it at the earliest from the dates of purchase made on our portal.

The products are very carefully curated based only on the merits and not on profitability. There are products on our portal where our vendors and manufacturers are keeping very minimal margins. The entrepreneurs of Malnad we are partnered with have invested their plants and operation units in Malnad to help people of Malnad to get employment. Every time you make a purchase on Malnad.Store you are indirectly contributing to the rural economy of Malnad region in Karnataka.

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