Eating habits are hard to change when you have been used to them for decades. Some food habits are bad for health, yet we do it in the name of ‘routine’ ‘taste’ and ‘time-pass sometimes. If we are cautious of what we are eating, where we are eating and how is it cooked then most of the answers cleared for health issues.

If you closely observe, the lockdowns in India during this Covid-19 have helped us avoid a lot of bad food that we ate on streets and elsewhere at restaurants. We started cooking healthy food at home, we got to know what ingredients should go into a healthy diet. All these things happened because we avoided the easy way out of buying food from outside.

Several professional chefs have also recommended in their tons of webinars that you must choose healthy food ingredients for cooking. Malnad is one such region you can look for very healthy masala powders, honey, grocery manufacturers, and other food products.

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