Melnadu region is popular in recent years as one of the top nature holiday destinations. Besides being a tourist attraction many of us would be not fully aware of the Malnad cuisine that we are relishing already at many hotels all over India. There is a distinct feature of Malnad food and the lifestyle of people in the region. We can say, Malnad cuisine has evolved in time with its culture.

The dishes prepared at many households in the region may or may not be available for you to order sitting at a restaurant. So we at ‘Malnad Store ™” have curated the best tastes of Malnad for you to cook at your home the tastiest cuisine of Karnataka.

The ingredients and groceries you can buy from Malnad with the original tastes help you taste the best cuisine. There are several food ingredients that are manufactured with the utmost care and concern for the taste and health factors. You will be surprised to see the quality of ingredients used to manufacture each masala item or could be a coffee powder. Only the best raw materials are sourced for the production of these products to give the best shopping experience for our patrons.

Malnad.Store is currently offering a few ranges of products and will diversify into other categories of products soon. There are a lot of new products in the pipeline that are under verification, study, and fine-tuning before we launch them for the end-users. If you are a shop owner/distributor/agent or looking for your hotel supplies, then we have a B2B subscription model.

You can order now online by signing up online and choose to buy now & pay later model. You can run your business without any hassles, as we will be supplying your stock without a miss on the date mentioned by you.

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