We have been curating a list of top and tasty food products from Malnad. Being a Malenadiga, I as one of the team members keep sourcing the best ingredients and raw materials required for your kitchen. Malnad is an exceptionally popular go-to destination in Karnataka for a food safari.

You might get overwhelmed looking at the list of quality natural food products that are originally sourced and made in Malnad. The entrepreneurs of Malnad have been inventing several ways to produce the best quality organic food products. The quality, taste, shelf life, and authenticity are always kept in place even while preparing food ingredients in large quantities.

Masala products from Malnad:

Malenadu or Malnad region has been a hub for ages for tasty food ingredients. Every house in Malnad prepares its own unique ingredients required for tasty cuisines. We have curated the best Masal products required for your daily food preparations at your home. The recipe for preparation is given with each package of food ingredients and you can easily cook at home.

Spices from Malnad:

The quality spices from Malnad are of the best quality. You will get spices direct from farmers of Malnad to your kitchen every time order on our portal. People of Malnad grow different spices in their estates. The vendors at Malnad.Store source some of the best variety of spices of Malnad. The grading is made with utmost care and then packaged to deliver to your doorstep.

Malnad Gidda Ghee:

Malnad Gidda cow is an indigenous breed that you can find mostly in the Malenadu region of Karnataka. These cows are set free to graze in the forests and mountains. Malnad gidda ghee is one of the best quality ghee available today in India. The taste, smell, and health benefits of Malnad Gidda Ghee are enormous.

Malnad Honey:

The honey in the Malnad region is sourced from beekeepers of the Western Ghats belt. The wild honey and raw honey from Malnad are of the top quality in taste and health benefits. Several top companies in India source honey directly from Malnad. We have made it available through our vendors for your easy purchase.

Malnad food products:

The snacks and food products from Malnad are delivered directly to your doorstep. The tasty food products of Malnad are carefully curated based on their best preparation practices and hygiene. They are 100% natural and no added flavors or preservatives are used.