Malnad Ghee and Food

We are in an era where the food we consume can sometimes become the sole reason for health complications. It would be a tasking experience for one to identify best nuturious diet in the market. We keep looking for organic and natural food ingredients whenever we go shopping. Malnad Store® is now enabling its customers to get the best food products from the Malnad region.

Malnad is always a synonym for healthy and nutritious food habits. The region is a rich source of naturally prepared food ingredients that is also tasty for your daily cooking. You can get a list of the best products from Malnad to choose from while shopping on our store website. We are a registered trademark for excellent and authentic food products from Malnad.

We have been curating the products from top vendors who can ship to your doorstep. You can sit in the comfort of your home and order your favorite pickle or the Malnad Ghee. We have been delivering the products all over India now. You need not have to worry about the quality of products from our vendors. We constantly monitor the quality standards of all the products listed and sold on Malnad.Store® website.

The natural food ingredients from Malnad are carefully prepared in a hygienic environment. The products are packed and sent to your address on time to make sure they reach your quick usage. You will also get the best price for the products from Malnad purchased directly on our store website.