Malnad or Malenadu has been a popular destination in Karnataka with a history of the best cuisines. The cuisines from this region have a rich history of evolution attached to the dishes. If you ask the people of Malnad about a particular dish they will narrate facts of how it evolved. The reason for us to write a piece of the blog is very clear, a lot of people are yet to taste this cuisine. To make it simple, Malnad.Store is selling all food ingredients from the Malnad region.

The food manufacturers from Malnad region have been passionately producing top-quality organic products. Malnad.Store is one of the pioneer companies that is striving to introduce these best products from Malnad to the world. The Malnad.Store is a company by people from Malnad region who have gained expertise in their domain of work after working for several years. They all are on the same platform because of a similar passion to bring high standards for Malnad food products.

The brand Malnad.Store has now reached all nooks and corners of India. The patrons of the store have built this brand with their feedback and advice. We are very proud to have reached your pin codes and continued to serve year or year. The vision of the company is to provide food lovers only the best organic and natural food ingredients.

You will see a lot of new products curated exclusively for you. To give you the best shopping experience we keep giving you offers. Our sole motto for entering the FMCG industry. Why can’t we give the best organic and healthy products from Malnad? Can’t we source produce directly from farmers, assort and give it to our customers. The team is striving to get more farmers to sell their spices and farm produce.