Malnad spices in Karnataka

Malnad is one of the famous hubs in South India for growing spices. Several agriculture research centers from all over the world visit this region to witness cultivation. The spices grown in Malnad region at several estates are cardamom, black pepper, and basil leaves to some extent. The majority of coffee estates have black pepper and cardamom as the multi-crop.

You will get the best quality of Malnad spices sourced directly from the farmers and segregated at the plant to make sure you are delivered only the best of best. Our motto is to make sure that all our customers buy the best quality of spices in Karnataka. You would be wondering why to buy from Malnad.Store? We are a group of like-minded entrepreneurs from Malnad and the coastal regions of Karnataka. We have come together to make sure that our products are of the highest grade.

When we launched the Malnad.Store, we clearly made sure that we work with people who are proud of their products. The profitability would below, but the delivery of good goods to our patrons has won their hearts. We take immense pride in making Malnad and Coastal products easily available for everyone across the nation.

Malnad red rice

Along with the spices we also have masala, red rice, herbal products, snacks, and eco-friendly products. We bring the red rice from farmers of Malnad directly to your home kitchen. Malnad farmers have been producing the best varieties of paddy for ages.  Sannavalya or Malnad red rice is one rare variety that is popular in this region and known among health-conscious people.

We are proud to be from the Malnad region where red rice is a household staple food. The health-conscious people who are aware of the benefits of red rice have been buying Malnad red rice for their loved ones.

If you are planning to buy masala, red rice, or spices from Malnad then Malnad.Store your family store. Place an order online from the comfort of your home just using our app on your smartphone or website. We will make sure your orders are delivered safely and securely on time.

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