Knowledge about food these days remains incomplete without giving it a philosophical touch. How you think might sometimes be influenced by what you ate today. Many of you would agree with me if I say ‘food can make or break people’.  An empty stomach can generate a lot of bad chemicals which can change the course of your thinking and well-being in a day.

Your breakfast can be called a pedestal to your day’s constructive thinking mechanism. You might call it a good day or a bad day many times based on the food you had that day. You might think that food is just for living or filling up your stomach and no need to get philosophical about it. Yes, it is a basic requirement but also the most essential element in a successful life.

There is always a great reference to food in yogic science. Many yoga gurus begin their training sessions referring to food habits and principles about food. Let’s assume that one of the afternoons you had a nice lunch and went back to work. You felt really contended with yourself (mind and body). Isn’t it that you will long to go back to the same place for having that meaningful lunch. Or you just forget it and move on with eating junk again for the lunch. The human mind has the ability to register all the feelings related to food and fluid consumption.

When we were kids, our grandparents used to tell us to have food on time, choose well, and eat well. As we grew up and sucked into the work-life pendulum we forget what or when we ate. We do see a lot of food bloggers on popular platforms taking you to hotels, places of interest for eating. Many people satiate their appetite by consuming a lot of unwanted food many times assuming it’s rich in nutrition. Your awareness about food could be minimal because you think it’s waste of time to dwell on it.

A sane person will always be aware that all your well-being starts from your kitchen. What you prepare, serve and eat at home makes it all the difference. Malnad households are one such evident example for those of us who love to do changes to our food habits. If we can adopt Malnad cuisine even for one of the meals, it makes a lot of difference in our lifestyle improvements. The tendency to go for tasty food is more compared to healthy food. So, we can confidently say that food ingredients from Malnad can be tried at your home for better health.

There are a lot of elements in Malnad food derived from yogic sciences. The Malnad cuisine has thousands of years of history to it. Many Raja and Maharajas were impressed by the food in Malnad and had insisted on their palaces. The traditional food items from Malnad have now traveled lengths and breadths of the country. We can proudly say that our patrons from all over India have been appreciating the efforts we have put to curate some of the top Malnad food ingredients.