Malnad or Malenadu region in Karnataka is a wonderland with several attractions. Besides being a popular holiday destination Malnad has a long list of healthy and tasty food preparations. Malnad cuisine is one of the best cuisines in Karnataka with several authentic tastes. It is not a complicated cuisine to try your hand in cooking. To make your Malnad cuisine cooking easy we have brought to you Malnad.Store.

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The Malnad region comprises several districts and their taluk headquarters. If you travel in Malnad, every 50 km you will get to try a new dish that can tickle your taste buds. The methods of preparations can vary from place to place within Malnad region.

The masala and food ingredients used for the preparation of Malnad cuisine should be bought from the region then you truly enjoy. If you do not have any connections in Malnad or want to try the cuisines you have homestay services. You can try visiting malnad homestays for your next vacation to try few authentic cuisines by local hosts.

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