Food habits of today will decide the health conditions of tomorrow. We all know that when we eat healthy and natural food we will be at the heights of spirits. There are several manufacturers from Malnad and Coastal Karnataka region who have been striving to give the highest quality natural food products to consumers. We at Malnad.Store, is proud to have curated the best products for a reliable and happy shopping experience for Malnad food products.

The yardstick for listing our manufacturers is very stringent and we have curated only the best of best vendors for you. The product list range from masala items to nursery plants is underlined by one rule that it should be good for health and good for nature. We get a lot of vendor listing requests on a daily basis but we select less than 1% from the list based purely on the merits.

This direction has given us confidence that people will appreciate good quality products from Malnad. The responsibility of each vendor on our portal is the same, they must give the best products and unmatchable customer support.

There are spices from Malnad, rice from Malnad that is sourced directly from farmers. If you buy our white pepper, for instance, you will get to see the standards maintained in the quality. We have Malnad spices sourced directly from farmers and packed with the highest hygiene and food safety standards.

Our store partner Just Malnad has been delivering to our customers from all over India with the highest number of repeat purchases. Our patrons’ support has given us more strength to invest in the different infrastructure required for this genuine cause.