In the raising Covid 19 pandemic, it is important that we practice healthy eating. The task is possible if we are choosing to purchase healthy food ingredients and food products. A nutritious diet can help you boost your immune system and keep you away from any infections.

Eating healthy food doesn’t mean you have to diet and keep yourself thin or deprive yourself of tasty food. It’s about eating right, keeping yourself fit and stay energetic. That way your mood will be in the right direction with maximum output from your brain.

Eating the right portions of food is very important to keep you charged with the required energy. Choosing what you eat is like making a mental note of things that your body needs in a day. We also call it eating mindfully than just eating tummy full.

Many people complain saying their taste buds demand to eat certain food. But the human body can get accustomed and align itself to food that we feed. It might get difficult in the beginning to change habits or avoid junk food but in the long run, it becomes easy and natural.

Malnad is one of the regions in Karnataka popular for its cuisines and healthy preparation methods. If you have tried Malnad cuisine already and want to prepare at your home we have curated the best food products from Malnad region. The products are made in Malnad with natural ingredients. The Masala, pickle, or any food item you buy are made with organic ingredients.

You can vouch for the real tastes of Malnad and the best hygienic practices in preparations. Malnad Store has curated only the top food products from Malnad with utmost care for best tastes and quality.