Home kitchen is always a sacred place with unlimited flashbacks. Our childhood is memoirs are filled with cuisines made at our home kitchens by our grandparents and parents. There is one thing noticeable about our home kitchens. We had found remedies and medicines for lot of diseases in the ancient times just at our kitchens. Several food experts, dietitians, chefs in the world advocates the need for keeping our home kitchens natural, organic and chemical-free to have a healthy life.

The diet is one important element for human life to stay happy and energetic. Healthful diet is a choice and not a luxury. You can run your home kitchen on important principles to keep everyone at your home healthy and joyful in life. The most important principle you must follow is buying organic and natural food ingredients. If your grocery, masala products, floor, grains, rice, vegetables… are organic and natural, then your food will be safe and healthy.

The home kitchen is always the safest place for food preparation. The reason we all know is there is a feeling in the preparation of food at home. Malnad.Store believes in the core concept of healthy eating so we have curated some of the best food products that gives you the tastes of your home kitchen. Today we have been selling the products to lengths breadths of India for a specific reason that we stick to high quality and consistency at all times.  The products are curated for you based on the merits and not on profits. We assure happy shopping experience on our portal for all our customers.