Malnad Spices

This store is from entrepreneurs of Malnad who have a zeal to supply the best products with authentic flavors of the region. The food product and a long list of eco-friendly products are sourced by top vendors, to give you the best shopping experience of authentic products of the Malnad region. We have curated some of the best organic products with the best flavors in the region.

The region is famous for the food ingredients used in your kitchen. Malnad cuisines are popular all over the country, we have been striving to curate the best of best products in taste and quality.

Malnad has a lot of traditional foods that have health benefits for all age groups. The ingredients used in a Malnad kitchen are rich in taste. If you have been to the Malnad region or have already tried our products you would be already knowing about the tastes.

We have categorized the products into different segments to make your shopping experience smooth & quick. As the pandemic caused some delays in the shipping of products by our shipping patterns, we request your support in delays of delivery.

There are several eco-friendly and organic products in our store. We are dedicated to creating socially and environmentally sustainable products. When you use them you will feel proud to have shopped them from the Malnad region. Our vendors are from the Malnad region having their manufacturing plants and working offices from the Malnad region. We are very happy to introduce our store to all our Indian and overseas patrons. We will be shipping to more countries soon, as the current pandemic situation is acting blockade to our aspirations to reach you.