We are living in a world full of schedules and deadlines. Sometimes we remain so preoccupied with our work life, and we even forget what we are eating and from where we are buying our food. The busy lifestyle of human beings has become such a mess that we sometimes grab quick-eat food and swallow it down.

When we keep doing this for a longer period of time we attract several digestive problems and inertia in the body. We blame it on the stress, no time to exercise… but we do not spend much time analyzing what food we are consuming. There are a lot of healthy foods available to us, but we find fast foods easily accessible near our homes and offices.

We can not generalize the food preferences anyway, there are a lot of people who are aware of eating healthy food. If you observe closely, the human digestive system is at its best when we consume vegetables. Non-vegetarian food is good as well, but there has to be a limit in the consumption of non-veg dishes.

The ingredients we use in the preparation of our food plays a vital role in the well-being of our immune system. It is important that we purchase organic and good quality ingredients from the best manufacturers.

Malnad is one of the regions where the cuisines evolved with culture. People of Malnad have been very particular about the tastes of their ingredients. There a lot of dishes that have been popular all over India but originated from the Malnad region. The ingredients manufacturers on Malnad.Store is very professional in fine-tuning the products to match the tastes & preferences of consumers.

There are several unique products from the Malnad region for our esteemed patrons who have been shopping with us for their kitchen, herbal, and ingredients requirements.

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